Social Media Essay

How is the use of social media contributing to digital transformations in the fabric of everday life?

In this essay I will be discussing the ways in which social media has contributed to digital transformations in everyday life. There are a number of ways social media has affected everyday life some of which are for the better, such as the ability we now have to see restaurant reviews from everyday people and the ability we have to connect with people instantly from across the globe, something that I myself have seen grow from a glamourize commodity people could use to something considered an everyday necessity on all social media platforms. Below is a video describing the change social media has had.

In conclusion the impact social media has had is on he whole positive, it has made the world smaller, in a good way people are more able to stay in touch with others than ever before. Although there are some negatives such as cyberbullying which has meant young people are now more than ever unable to escape the torment of bullying even when they are at home. It has meant that technology has had to stay up to date with the needs of modern man, all social media apps have a video chat option meaning all phones, tablets and laptops need cameras which enable this feature to work.

Sexy and Grieg knows it!



Morning from Peer Grynt

LMFAO – Sexy and I know it

Premiere Pro

Pop music

Edvard Grieg


Classical music


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Things that make me go ‘ahhhh’

For this assignment I had to make a audio collage of my favourite sounds. It didn’t occur to me until after I created them how each of them can signify me as a person. In order to create this piece, I first had to obtain my audio, this was achieved by using the ‘Voice Memo‘ function on my iPhone. once they had been captured I then had to email them to myself, import them onto my computer and final onto Audition, an Adobe application used for editing audio.

Once these were imported I then had to narrow down the 16 sounds I had recorded into just 5, this was a challenge as I had a range of noise from the sound of a car starting, the sound of a kettle boiling or the sound of a shower running, all of these were later cut as I felt they didn’t represent me as a person. The Sound chosen are what I’d like to think of as indicator for me as a person as I shall now explain.

PS4 Lobby music: I am an extremely sociable person and I feel this reflects that as I love coming home from a day at work or out with friends and family to play a few games online with my friends chatting and having a laugh for a few hours. This sound always reminds me of some of the times I have had with my friends online and so brings back some good memories.

D double E catchphrase: one of my favourite genres of music is Grime, a form of UK urban music. One of the legends, or G.O.A.Ts, of the industry is D double E am musician that originally made Bashment music but later evolved into releasing Grime. His catchphrase has been played on a number of tracks both featuring and inspired by him. It is one of the most recognisable sound in Grime music and because of my love for the Genre it has become one of my favourite sounds to hear and use

Door Knocking: This one is a simple one to explain, as I stated earlier I am extremely sociable and love meeting up with friends and family and it is for that reason I love it when people knock on my door to come round or for us to go out.

Safe being opened: This one isn’t really about me as a person I just found the sounds really interesting especially the sound of the bolt dropping once the correct code has been entered.

Deodorant spray: This one is a personal one. All through my life I have been told smell is one of the most important things and because of this being drilled into me I have begun to really enjoy the sound of deodorant being sprayed. I know it’s a bit weird, but I like it.

This assignment was interesting as it made me really think about noises I enjoy hearing. It was an easy task from a technical point of view although I found it quite challenging understanding why I liked these sounds and putting that down on paper.

The Armourer! coming to cinemas this weekend

This assignment was a challenge for me as it meant I had to not only use my extremely limited artistic skill set it also demanded that I showcase my final piece to the world wide web. then on top of that I had to get to grips with a piece of design software I had never used before.

The assignment itself was to create my own superhero. I decided to call mine ‘The Armourer’ a hero with a chequered past, a decorated war hero who came home to a life very different to the one he left behind. His wife has become distant and continually cheats on him until he cant bear anymore and moves out, 8 months later on his way out of their final divorce hearing he is struck but a meteor and is given supernatural speed and strength, both physically and mentally. below you can see a draft of my hero with a description of his powers, his back story and the reasons behind his outfit choices.

Planning Image

Once I had drafted my hero it was time to create him on the software called ‘Hero Software 3‘ which you can visit yourself and have a play around creating your own hero.  below you can see my creation, and although it isn’t exactly like the draft above I think I have added a few improvements. For example, I gave him a Mohawk as I think it adds to the soldier look, as well as a handlebar beard which again is something that instantly makes me think armed forces, especially American.

I’m extremely proud of how he came out as I was extremely nervous about creating him. The software I used was completely alien to me, and although it took a bit of time for me to get the hand of I did eventually get the hang of it which enabled me to create a hero I believe Stan Lee would be proud of.


Why Arsenal should hire me!

Arsenal are you reading this yet?

This assignment was a fun one, I had to create a poster of a sports star. I decided to chose one from my own team Arsenal. I chose a recent addition to the club, the French superstar Alexandre Lacazette. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to achieve with this poster, whether I wanted it to be full of information, simplistic  or something a little bit different. For me the most important part of this brief was the fact it had to be a poster that you would ‘buy in a store’. this meant that it not only had to be visually appealing but also had to comply with the generic conventions of a sports poster.

This is my final piece:


I am delighted with how the piece turned out as it has the correct colour scheme, the famous red and white of Arsenal. I liked the idea of Grey-scaling the background and leaving the silhouette of Laca in full colour as it brings him to the prominence of the piece.

I made this piece primarily on Photoshop, sourcing the images from Google (fully referenced at the end of this entry). The original image was taken on a matchday, I believe it to be from the opening game of the season, a game against Leicester which Arsenal won 4 – 3. once my raw materials were sourced I decided that the background of the image should be altered as I felt it could give the photo a more nostalgic feel, As this was the first goal he would score in an Arsenal shirt.

Onece I had sourced my raw materials i loaded up photoshop, used the faithful Quick lasso tool to grab Alex and then invert the tool so it as selecting the background rather than the footballers silhouette. It was at this poit i tried out a range of different effects on the background to decide which one would fit the poster best. I decide it would look best in Grey-scale. Then i needed to add the items such as the Arsenal emblem, the name of the footballer, his kit number and finally the official website of the club at the bottom of the poster. Once all of these were added it was important that they lined up and werent too close to the border of the image, as you can see from thimage below the ruler tool was extremely useful for this part of the production.


I chose this assignment as I meant I would be combining to very important parts of my life, Arsenal FC and production. It was interesting to see how i critiqued the existing Arsenal posters and how I thought i could improve them, as i found myself constantly judging the ones i had seen online during the creation of this piece.


EuroSport (2017). Alexandre Lacazette Celebration. [image] Available at: [Accessed 15 Oct. 2017].

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NEVER be THIS confident!!

I feel sorry for this guy… Honestly I do… Well I mean it is funny.

Its not like the ball is literally 6 feet away from him and slowly spinning into a world of pain for him… OH WAIT…

Is this confidence or is it arrogance because I’m not too sure? The save itself is world class but come on first rule of goalkeeping is keep hold of the ball it not like the word keep isn’t in the title or anything.


Now this assignment was to create a GIF of someone celebrating too early, something of which I am proud to say I have never done (or just never been caught doing). I decide to use this well-known clip of a Goalie making a fantastic penalty save only to be caught up with his own ego and not seeing the ball trickle into the net as it is one that I believe encapsulate the task perfectly.

In order to create this GIF I first had to obtain this footage which I did off a well-known site called YouTube. once I had the footage I then had to edit it down from just over a minute to around 57 seconds as GIPHY doesn’t accept video files over a minute long. This was easy as the first few seconds were just the player taking the penalty talking to the referee, once this was done I then had to import the new footage into GIPHY, a well know GIF creation website, and extract the part of the footage I needed for the GIF. Then came the fun bit, adding the effects I wanted to the piece. I played around with the colour a bit as I wanted the GIF to be brighter and added the text ‘PEAK‘ which is a UK slang word, you can find the definition on the hyperlinked webpage.

Once this was finalised I then published it and saved it as GIF that could then be exported and saved to this post.

This assignment was challenging as it meant I had to use Premiere Pro, an adobe application to shorten the video and GIPHY to create a GIF that demonstrated the ‘Celebrating too early’ assignment. I enjoyed the freedom of this assignment as I could choose any sport and any moment that I felt encapsulated the brief.


Rodrigo Gonzalez (2010). Available at: [Accessed 20 Jan. 2018].

The Dark Contender

For this Assignment I had to combine two of my favourite Quotes from the world of cinema. The ones I chose were the ‘I could have been a contender‘ speech from the 1954 On the Waterfront and the ‘Hero Gotham needs‘ speech from the 2008 Christopher Nolan movie The Dark Knight.

This assignment was mainly created on Audition, a piece of software available from the Adobe Creative Cloud. the first thing I had to do was source the audio of these infamous speeches. This was simple enough as they could both be sourced from YouTube (see References below). Once the audio was acquired I used Audition to combine the two audios so the ‘Contender’ audio played after the other which makes it seem like he was batman talking about the statement made previously. It was relatively simple to achieve this as all I had to do was fade the end of the first clip into the second so there wasn’t such an abrupt switch between the two.

It was really interesting deciding which two lines I would use they had to fit within each other and they also had to be recognisable enough that people would instantly recognise them as soon as they play. The Contender quote is probably known more than the film it is from although the Dark Knight quote is one that most people know as soon as they think of the film.


Miwosh (2008). The Dark Knight (ending). Available at: [Accessed 21 December 2017].

allclassicmovielines (2013). Icould have been a contender speech. Available at: [Accessed 21 Dec. 2017].


GOOGLE is watching me!!

This one is an interesting one I promise. So for this assignment I was asked to play the game QuickDraws which is a game in which you have to draw 6 items and Google has to guess what each one is. you have 20 seconds to do each one and lets just say I’m definitely not DMU or London’s answer to Picasso that is for certain. I got what I’d call a respectable 4 out of 6 as you can see from the image below:

Quick Draw

I chose this assignment as my artistic skills are very questionable and thought this could be a way of challenging myself and the timer meant there was an added challenge. I am an extremely competitive person and you therefore will understand that when i say not getting a perfect score bothered me it REALLY BOTHERED ME!!!

Some of the images even now, 12 hours after playing this game, bug me. I mean why didn’t they let my finish drawing the rays around my sun, how did they guess it was a spider with only 5 legs?? I mean its closer to being a Daddy Long Legs for Gods sake. Then we come on to the big 2, NEVER and I repeat never have i drawn something that so clearly resembles the very thing I have been asked to draw before I mean HELLO if that’s not a Raccoon then I don’t know what is. It has four legs and a curly tail I would hope good could guess what the hell I am drawing!!! The next one I’ll admit isn’t my finest work as I’m unsure what the wanted when they asked for a cooler. I mean did they mean those coolers you see pitch-side at NFL games you know the ones that get chucked over the winning coach at the end of every championship game. And as Google is an American company I thought it would be tactical to go down that route rather that the coolers I’d think of, you know the one your dad pops up with whenever you go Camping or to an event on any form of open greenery.

Now I’m not going to sit here and lie to you this game was not left peacefully alone after the completion of this first game. The winner in me kicked in, I had to get 6/6 and nothing would stop me. I mean it only took me 17 more tries to get.

The drawing of these images was extremely stressful as I knew what I wanted to draw and how I should be drawing them but the end result was never as I intended. I mean I could sit here and blame the mouse and claim complete innocence in the atrocities you see above but as my mum would say ‘A bad workman always blames his tools‘. in all fairness I will openly admit my artistic skills aren’t up to standard but i mean come on that is so a raccoon how can Google not see that what I have just drawn is clearly a raccoon I mean these guys spy on us for a living an they cant tell its a raccoon what kind of low level spies are these guys.

Control Scott Remember the control. The final part of this assignment was for me to post the results of my QuickDraw challenge onto twitter so the other DS106 members could see my work. I am yet to receive any feedback on whether or not the raccoon was as obvious as I think it is but am hoping to soon.

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